About the Company

About the Company

SG Veteris Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in England (company number: 10539075) with its registered headquarters office at The Tower at the Bower 207 Old Street London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom.

Koinal® is a registered trademark of SG Veteris Limited. 

It is an online platform that enables all the Koinal users to purchase cryptocurrencies and making their payments with credit- and debit cards.We connect the online card payments infrastructure with Fiat payments and banking infrastructure to enable crypto purchases using credit and debit cards. 

Koinal  Checkout acts as the credit card processor for online merchants in the crypto world. The credit card processor is the organization that has contracted with an acquiring bank to process transactions on behalf of the merchants.  

We are providing the checkout service of Koinal to more than 52+ partner exchanges such as Huobi, Stormgain, Okex... all around the world. Our partners offer their users a fast, simple, and secure way of cryptocurrency purchase via the Koinal payment method. 

Furthermore, we manage to complete the whole purchasing process in just a few minutes. That is one of the main aspects of our fast transactions. 

For any further questions, you can reach us via the chat window on the platform or by emailing  support-checkout@koinal.io