Format & size limits of uploaded KYC verification documents?

Format & size limits of uploaded KYC verification documents?

Please upload your documents in one of the following file formats: PDF / JPG / JPEG / PNG

In addition, please keep in mind that the maximum size limit per file is 5Mb. In other words,  each document you upload can be up to 5 MB.

In case you experience any issue even under these conditions, please share a screenshot of your browser console with us. 
To reach your browser console, please do a right-click on the screen and choose "inspect" in the window opened up with your right-click.
So, you will reach the browser console (e.g. Chrome browser) and will be able to take a screenshot. Please send it to by email.

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    • How can I upload my verification document afterwards?

      Since your order is still on KYC_Waiting status, we are still waiting for your document uploads, and your ID verification process has not been started yet. Please upload your documents for your existing order by following the steps below: 1. Click ...
    • What type of documents are requested?

      You will be requested to submit proof of identity and proof of address. In accordance with the conditions, your purchasing history, and other requirements, you might be asked to submit other documents as well; i.e., a selfie holding up your ID, ...
    • My order status is KYC_WAITING. Why don't you proceed with it?

      To start with the process, we are waiting for you to upload the verification documents as requested on-screen. Please complete your action within 5 hours, before the expiry of the order. EXT-VRF018-V001-TK
    • My order status is KYC_FAILED. Shall I update my documents?

      Unfortunately, your documents uploaded could not be verified. You will be notified by email about the reason. Please read your email notification and take relevant action by initiating a new order. Please be kindly noted that orders at KYC_Failed ...
    • How much time do I have to submit KYC documents?

      Once you created an order, you will have 5 hours to complete KYC verification; that is to upload the requested documents. Your order will expire automatically after 5 hours of inactivity. EXT-VRF017-V001-TK