Guidance on Fraud Claims

Guidance on Fraud Claims

At Koinal, we use many different security tools to ensure the safety of our users. On the other hand, your cooperation for fraud prevention is required as well. We kindly remind you not to share your account credentials & card information and any of these types of personal information with anyone else. Koinal never calls you and requests any personal information such as your user account password. Furthermore, we don't have any partnership with any other broker who acts on behalf of you.

Please be informed that all payment transactions on our system are handled in a 3D Secure environment which must be verified with SMS code received by the cardholder's personal phone number at the bank database. In addition, according to the cumulative transaction amounts set as in company Know-Your-Customer procedures, transactions are subject to document verifications as well. We are ready to cooperate with you and guide you to local authorities or police if needed. In case of any doubt on fraud, please immediately contact Koinal:

Please check the detailed article on our blog page.
For further details please check terms & conditions.
If you think that someone else used your card...
We are sorry for this incident where the Koinal website is misused. Your card information must have been captured before, and it was used on our site. These fraudsters who had obtained your card credentials may continue to use your card on other sites as well. Therefore, please contact the police or local authorities as soon as possible and cancel your card.
We would like to remind you that we are open to all kinds of cooperation within the scope of the investigation.
Please immediately contact the customer support team via with the following information:
1. Your card PAN number (first 6 digits and last 4 digits of your credit card) used in fraudulent activity.
2. Your full name and email address
3. Transaction details of your claim (Charged amount/date as on your card statement)
Your card will be restricted for any further transaction in Koinal systems and pending transactions (if any) will be canceled after we receive your message.


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