How can I upload my verification document afterwards?

How can I upload my verification document afterwards?

Since your order is still on KYC_Waiting status, we are still waiting for your document uploads, and your ID verification process has not been started yet.

Please upload your documents for your existing order by following the steps below:

1. Click 'Buy' in your crypto trading platform.
2. Create an order and choose Koinal as the payment method.
3. By fulfilling the form, you will be notified on the screen - by a red notification box - that you have a waiting order, and you will be asked whether you wish to continue with the existing order or, to dismiss it.
4. Please choose to continue with the existing order to reach your existing order screen
5. There you may upload your documents.
If you won't upload any documents within 5 hours or ID verification fails, please kindly be informed that your order will expire and the charged amount will be refunded with the expiry.

Please check your order status before taking any action because any order inactive in 24 hours will automatically be expired. This status is not reversible then.

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