How safe is Koinal Checkout ?

How safe is Koinal Checkout ?

The security of your purchasing process is very important to us. In order to protect your sensitive information in the most secure way, we constantly stay up to date and improve ourselves. Please find some of the security measures applied here:

- Koinal platform is protected by the 256 Go Daddy SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This SSL certificate protects your sensitive information such as your name, address, password, or credit card number by encrypting the data during transmission from your computer to our web server.

- There is the Know-Your-Customer (=KYC) process to identify each unique user. This process is independent of your exchange platform. As you continue in your purchases, you are requested to upload your verification documents i.e. identity, selfie, and address. 

- There are multiple layers of fraud detection tools to eliminate any inconsistencies. All transactions are monitored by the system according to fraud scenarios 24/7.

- We provide the users with the "Store My Card" function to eliminate re-entry of the card information each time whenever you create a purchasing order. Store card function is handled with one-way encryption and is not fully readable by any person other than the security system. Your CVV will never be stored to ensure further security.

- All payment transactions on our system are handled in a 3D Secure environment which must be verified with SMS code received by the cardholder's personal phone number at the bank database.

- Furthermore, our customer support is reachable directly 24/7 from the chatbox or by email to in case of any questions or hesitations regarding the security issues.


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