How can I update my personal details on screen?

How can I update my personal details on screen?

If you have never been proceeded to document verification on Koinal checkout yet, please take the actions as below:

1. Create a new order via your crypto trading platform (i.e. Huobi, Stormgain, Okex... etc.) to reach your previous order information

2. Choose to continue with the existing order

3. Go to customer details by scrolling down on the page for  the relevant transaction

4. Update your information there.

Please be kindly informed that your email address may be updated only once.

If your documents have been verified once,

You should send your request via with corresponding documents as below. First, your updated documents will be verified. Then your request for the update will be processed in the system.


Requested Update                     Corresponding Document

* Name change                        * Court decision letter current ID card
* Company Name change       * Registry details with both old & new company names
* Phone Number change         * Invoice of new number with your name & address.
* Address change                     * Address verification document (e.g. card statement, utility bill within last 3 months) 

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