How can I get a refund?

How can I get a refund?

Please be informed that you will be automatically refunded in case of any failure or expiry of your order. First, check the order status on the status follow-up link sent you by email. 

Your order will expire due to

* missing upload of KYC verification documents within 5,5 hours,

* a failure in the KYC verification process,

* a failure in payment

The refund of the same USD amount will be triggered immediately with this expiry. The refunded amounts will be reflected on your card statement within 2-3 business days. This period is related to the bank refund process & procedures.

Order statuses related to the expiry of the order are as below:

* KYC_WAITING: Please kindly be informed that your order will expire within 5,5 hours due to inactivity and the amount will be refunded with expiry. 

* KYC_FAILED: As your ID verification has been declined, your order will be expired within 5,5 hours and the order amount will be refunded by the system. 

Please check your order status within 5.5 hours and upload the documents required for verification.

If the order status is KYC_CONFIRMED  or COMPLETED: Your coins are either on the way or you already have been sent your coins, so that we can not refund you anymore.


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