Which FIAT currencies are available on Koinal Checkout?

Which FIAT currencies are available on Koinal Checkout?

We currently support USD through our partners' platforms. Additional currencies will be added soon.


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    • Why I have been charged with another currency, not with USD?

      You will be charged with the amount and currency confirmed by you in the creation of your order. The difference may be caused by the local currency exchange applied by the banking system. Please contact your bank about the issue. EXT-ORD005-V001-TK
    • How may I get in touch with Koinal Checkout?

      Our Customer Support team is available via support@koinal.io For inquiries about 3rd party integrations (such as Huobi, StormGain, Okex...etc) please reach us via support-checkout@koinal.io EXT-PRD008-V001-TK
    • May I be registered to Koinal.io by registering on Koinal Checkout?

      Unfortunately, we don't have such integration with the Koinal.io site at the moment. Sure, it has been planned for the new future. Please register on the www.koinal.io with your own customer & card information. EXT-VRF016-V001-TK
    • How safe is Koinal Checkout ?

      The security of your purchasing process is very important to us. In order to protect your sensitive information in the most secure way, we constantly stay up to date and improve ourselves. Please find some of the security measures applied here: - ...
    • About the Company

      SG Veteris Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in England (company number: 10539075) with its registered headquarters office at The Tower at the Bower 207 Old Street London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom. Koinal® is a registered trademark ...