My order status is COMPLETED. When will I receive my coins?

My order status is COMPLETED. When will I receive my coins?

We have completed processing your order and your TX ID is created. Your coins will be delivered to your wallet when the blockchain confirmations are completed.  

You will receive your coins within a maximum of 35 – 40 minutes. The duration may be affected by traffic. 

​Please check your wallet and don't hesitate to contact us in case your coins are delayed for more than 1 hour. 

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    • My order is in ORDER_CREATED status. What should I do now?

      We received your order request from the partner exchange platform. Now, you are expected to complete your payment.  Please input the requested customer & 3D secure payment information.  Then the system will guide you to the verification step. There, ...
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      Your Bitcoin transaction starts as soon as your payment is initiated. A bitcoin transaction depends on the mining speed, however, Koinal Checkout uses a high priority speed that allows users to receive the amount, approximately within 30-45 mins. If ...
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      To start with the process, we are waiting for you to upload the verification documents as requested on-screen. Please complete your action within 5 hours, before the expiry of the order. EXT-VRF018-V001-TK